Happy New Years From Ellie The Cloud!

Happy New Years from Ellie The Cloud  

Happy New Years! After many sleepless nights, Ellie The Cloud is finally live!


After months of hard work, late and sleepless nights on top of a full time five day job, insomnia and disabilities, Ellie The Cloud is finally up and running for New Years Day! I swear that New Years Eve has been the most challenging day yet.

They always say that the last part of any project is the worst part of all, because something is just bound to go wrong.


Microsoft Windows 7 HD Company Logo

My Windows 7 laptop decided that after working flawlessly for years, right at the last minute it was going to

a) forget my Windows 7 logon password
b) decide that my copy of Windows 7 suddenly wasn’t genuine
c) decide that the bluetooth was non existent on Windows 7
d) decide that the keyboard was suddenly going to forget some of the most used buttons and
e) decide that a new USB keyboard installation on Windows 7 was just ‘simply impossible.’

Finally after all that, I managed to get Windows 7 up and running and log on to my Admin Workstation.

After a lot of typing, copying and pasting of numbers and letters from Windows 7’s Character Map (LOL I know), I managed to finish my work and publish everything in time for the New Year (my deadline.)

Give me some credit.

That was hard work, at it’s very best.

However, don’t worry! I have a backup computer that I just have to install the hard drive on and a new operating system on (not Windows 7.) So Ellie will be up and running as normal!

So whilst you lovely people enjoy New Years Eve and New Years Day coming in, I shall bid you farewell for now to go and have a nice long rest.

I shall leave you with one of Pogo‘s lovely little tunes to enjoy whilst I sleep, and I shall see you on New Years Day with some new content!

Have a good one!




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