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Home Life

I currently live with my lovely female gamer housemate, in a nice, warm modern flat
with beech floorboards, shiny new white goods, white Ikea furniture and a gorgeous view.

We both met through work, and live in a peaceful countryside village where we feed
the local ducks, horse, and fish at Maidenhead Aquatics, and visit the mini library and pubs.

We often go swimming at Westminster Lodge, relax at Verulamium Spa, visit our friends,
shop on St Albans market, share Dominoes pizzas and steal each other’s socks.

Our favourite shops are New Look, Next, Primark, Punky Fish and T.K.Maxx.



We discuss psychology, sociology, and health-related topics, and are active Listeners on 7Cups.

We watch serious human-interest, natural disaster and educational documentaries including
ancient civilisations, astrophysics, crime, history, religion and travel on Netflix and Youtube.

We love playing science-curious and human-interest games such as BlastFactor on the PS3
Beyond: Two Souls, The Last Of Us, and are looking forward to Detroit: Become Human.


We also like discussing intricate book, film, game and TV show theories, conspiracies
and stupid memes – especially if Harry Potter, Sherlock (BBC) or Middle Earth is involved! ;P

(We are both Ravenclaws btw.)


Ellie The Cloud - About - Advanced Profile Ellie The Cloud - About - Cyprus

Work Life

I currently work as a Kitchen Assistant within an Outstanding 5* luxury Care Home.
I work with highly experienced chefs, who have satisfied royalty and many celebrities,
and who support me greatly which I am very thankful for.

I work full time, despite having severe depression, anxiety and regular dramatherapy,
train to support others as a listener on 7cups.com, and help others within the community.

Through this position I have been learning many skills, both professional and personal,
and feel that it is proof that with a good practical team behind you, you can do anything.


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I have previously volunteered with Active Luton: Inspire as an Activity Assistant through
The Prince’s Trust where I made eleven new connections, and discovered a BSAC scuba diving
course which I was interested in (and attempted seriously.)

I have also volunteered with the Army Cadet Force as a Trainee Cadet Instructor,
and at different times have promoted, worked for and with big company names such as
Amazon, Cancer Research UK, CEX, Clintons, New Look, Opro Intl, Oxfam and more!

My work experience in a variety of roles has done me proud over the years,
especially Clintons, and I still use knowledge and training from years ago.


More complete info coming soon!