When I heard that Bank Fashion was having a massive Closing Down Sale, I decided to visit my local branch. I wanted to review the store and see what they had on offer.
Currently I need a new Summer rucksack, as my £5 non-designer bag that I purchased elsewhere badly needs retiring. I use this as an emergency practical bag for work, and unfortunately it shows.
This means that it is definitely going to be a Temporary Bag.
My financial priorities have always been (and still are) practical products before desirable. Unfortunately this means that the design of any product I buy for myself is often flawed, or as said ‘cheap.’ Which is a shame seeing as I have such an eye for style and quality.
So I am aware that with Summer 2014 just around the corner, I will have to do something quick.
Bank Fashion Sale 2014 - Floral Nature Inspired Leather Adjustable Rucksack Backpack. Pink Purple/Lilac Black White Flowers Poppers Buckle Cord Pockets. RIBBON BKACC0665
Photo / Product: RIBBON BKACC0665 © Bank Fashion
With my Christmas position at CEX having paid off, I am now able to afford the luxury of a designer rucksack.

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